Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M.V.Zubets of National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine


The institute of Animals Breeding and Genetics  nd. a. M.V.Zubets of National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine was founded in September 29, 1975 as the main scientific and co-ordinating center of selections and geneticists problems of agricultural animals.

For years, the existence of the collective of the Institute the row of important theoretical and applied tasks have been executed. A developed principle of a new theory and methodology of breeds forming in the stock-raising, which is based on original, first offered conceptions and found the embodiment in the programs of creation of new highly productive specialized breeds and types: Ukrainian red- and black-motley milk, Holsteined and Fatmilk types of red milk, north-eastern milk type of brown cattle. Prepared to State approbation accrued Ukrainian red and borax milk breeds from cattle. Developed programs and introduction of new meat breeds are: Ukrainian, volinska and poliska. Creation of simmental and south meat breeds, and znamyanskiy meat type is completed. The accrued selection formings do not yield to the European analogues.

Since 1996 the institute has been above all establishment of scientifically-methodical center for implementation of the scientific and technical program of UAAS “Breeding and geneticist of animals”, within the framework of which it co-ordinates scientific researches of 27 establishments on this direction.

The collective of geneticists and biotechnolology of institute it is developed and offered productions: methods of control of genetic consolidation and orientation of selection process at crossing after the complex of the polymorphic genetic-biochemistry systems, new technologies of receipt of monozygotic calves-twins from the halves of embryos; of principle a new method of estimation of frost-resistance of sperm of males after biochemical indexes. Developed methods of receipt out of organism of embryos of cattle and pigs by the method of impregnation of in vitro oocytes cows with the use of cryoconservate epididimal spermatozoa of bull and hogs, activating of oocytes cows to ameisis parthenogenesis.

The institute is the main developer and performer of a new scientific and technical program of “Saving of gene pool of agricultural animals”: 11 institutes of the UAAS system are working on this direction. The creation of gene pool national bank of cattle, horse, pigs, sheep, goats, birds, fishes, bees, silkworm is begun with regional branches in Ukraine.

The researches results of s of the establishment and their introduction in production are widely represented in scientific labours of employees the general quantity of which makes: 120 books and monographs, 148 recommendations, 35 methods of scientific researches, 50 catalogues and State books of pedigree animals, 2403 articles in scientific and scientific-production magazines; from them 53 scientific labours are translated and given out in the USA, 27 – in Bulgaria, Czekh, Slovakia, Poland and other countries.

In the specialized scientific council 18 doctorate and 51 candidate's dissertations have been defended.

Since the period working of this institute its employees have got 115 protective documents on the inventions from which 32 selection achievements and 12 patents on methods and devices.

We invite scientists and specialists from different animal breeding establishment to collaboration!